Social and Information Networks Spring 2020

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 posted on March 27. It is due April 16. Assignment 3.

Assignment 2

The first 5 questions for Assignment 2 were posted on February 18. A sixth question was added on March 7 and a final question on March 8. I have shortened the final question so that it now only has one part. Assignment 2.

Assignment 1

Posted on January 14, 2019: Assignment 1. Note: question 1 has been reworded. Questions 5 and 6 added on January 27. The final question, Question 7, was added February 2. Assignment due date is now set for 2:59 instead of 11:59 on February 14 so that the TA can answer any questions regarding the assignment.

Assignment 1 Solutions

I generally have misgivings about posting solutions. I will post solutions for Assignment 1 but will not do so for Assignment 2. I believe it is much better to go over solutions in the tutorials (and lectures if needed) and mainly to study the comments on your graded assignment. Here are the solutions.