Asic Chen

PhD Student at the University of Toronto


I am a PhD student at the Unversity of Toronto and Vector Institute supervised by Professor Rahul Krishnan. Our lab mainly studies machine learning theory with applications in computational healthcare. Previously, I completed my MSc in Computer Science with the same lab, as well as my BSc in Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Toronto. I also worked as a qunatitative researcher at TD Asset Management for two years after undergrad.


My current main research project is improving probability density estimation and generative modelling using probabilistic graphical models. Overall, I am interested in machine learning methodology, trustworthy AI, and ML for quantitative finance.


Structured Neural Networks for Density Estimation and Causal Inference
Asic Q. Chen, Ruian Shi, Xiang Gao, Ricardo Baptista, Rahul G. Krishnan
Neural Information Processing Systems 2023


I was a Teaching Assistant for CSC311: Introduction to Machine Learning for the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 terms at the University of Toronto.


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