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Larry Yueli Zhang

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Computer Science

University of Toronto

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Current Teaching

  • CSC207 - Software Design, Fall 2018
  • CSC236 - Introduction to the Theory of Computation, Fall 2018
  • Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects (UCOSP)
    • CSC398/492/493 - Independent Study Courses: Feel free to talk to me if you're interested in working with me on a research or implementation project. The project idea could come from either you or me, or both.

    Past Teaching

    Guest Lectures at University of Toronto

    • CSC358 - Multi-access control protocols
    • CSC358 - Performance modelling in computer networks
    • CSC2206 - Markov reward process
    • CSC2206 - Markov decision process

    TA-ships at University of Toronto

    • CSC148: Introduction to Computer Science
    • CSC358: Introduction to Computer Networks
    • CSC458/2209: Computer Networks
    • CSC2206: System Modelling and analysis

    TA-ships at Tsinghua University

    • Distributed Systems


    Discover the laws of online social networks

    The discovery of the laws of physics has made a difference - before human beings were just looking at apples falling to the ground, now they are able to predict how many milliseconds it takes an apple to fall, as well as to travel in space. Online social networks have become an essential part of many human beings' lives. However, the current understanding to them is still at early stage. The goal of our study is to develop mathematical models which capture the fundamental working mechanisms of the real-world online social networks. The understanding of these mechanisms will make a difference in how people build and utilize these networks in their lives.


    Project Flanders

    Project Flanders is the development of an online social network application for real-time content (e.g., tweets). The application collects a firehose of real-time information, digests it, organizes it and provides peronsonalized relevant content to end users. It is currently under private testing. More details to be disclosed.


    OkShell is a command line interface for humans. In short, you can use your own personalized human language command to perform any task that can be done using a Shell command. Here is a presentation that explains what OkShell is all about.


    Quizzard is a web-based quiz system which aims at making learning feel like an online social game. This project was started by my student Alexei Frolov as a Computer Science Implementation Project (CSC492) at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Quizzard is currently an open-source software HERE and more students have been involved as contributors.


    BOLTZ is a mobile app that helps people train their mental math skills. This project was started by my student Arsala Bangash as a CSC398 project at the University of Toronto Mississauga. The BOLTZEngine, the backbone of the BOLTZ app which generates math expressions, has been released as open-source software HERE. The Android version of the BOLTZ app is available at Google Play.


    Velocity is a software project organization tool with supports for class management in CS courses with project assignments. It was started in Winter 2018 at University of Toronto Mississauga as a Computer Science Implementation Project (CSC492). Velocity is now an open-source software HERE that is expecting more contributors.


    Treel is a minimalistic learning management system that allows instructors to distribute class content to students. It was started in Winter 2018 at University of Toronto Mississauga as a Computer Science Implementation Project (CSC492). It is now an open-source software HERE, open to more contributors.


    GiTA is a virtual teaching asssitant that helps students better use Git. It was started in Winter 2018 as a Computer Science Implementation Project (CSC492). It is now an open-source software HERE. More contributors to this project are expected.


    • Some unofficial student comments on teaching
    • Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship, 2013
    • Department of Computer Science Fellowship, University of Toronto
    • Outstanding Master's Thesis, Tsinghua University, 2007