APS101: Labs

Lab Sections

Labs start in week 2. There is one room -- SF 1013.

Day Family Name Room TA
Mon 2-4 A-H SF1013 Astrid
Mon 2-4 I-N SF1013 Jin
Mon 2-4 O-Z SF1013 Bogdan

Lab Exercises

This section contains the lab exercises. Each handout will be posted on the day of the actual lab. Here are the weeks so far:

Week Lab
No lab this week.
No lab this week.
2 Handout
3 Handout
4 Handout, Course.java
5 No lab this week.
6 Handout, Book.java, BookTester.java
7 Handout, Sentence.java, Lab5.java, inp.txt
8 Handout, TextJFrame.java
9 Handout, OurString.java
10 Handout, ButtonWindow.java,ButtonExample.java, Alphabet.java
11 Handout, ArrayStuff.java
13 No lab this week.....................