Torsten Hahmann

Current work

Currently I'm working with Autodesk Research and Sheila McIlraith on the Parametric Human Project. I'm particularly interested in developing an ontology for the spatial aspects of anatomy and how to deal with human variation in such an ontology.

In November 2013, I will join the faculty of the School of Computing and Information Science and the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA) at the University of Maine.

PhD dissertation

I successfully defended my PhD thesis in February 2013 under the supervision of Michael Gruninger in the Semantic Technologies Lab and the Knowledge Representation Group at the University of Toronto.

The ontologies I developed with all the proofs, which verify the nontrivial consistency of the ontologies as well as many intuitive properties.

Research Interests

I am generally interested in everything that involves formal representations of knowledge, so-called knowledge representation.
More specifically I'm interested in ontologies, semantic integration, semantic interoperability, and semantic technologies in general.
My research interests encompass the following areas:

My current research activities resolve around two areas:

(1) Spatial (and Spatio-Temporal) Representation and Reasoning

(2) Expressive Ontologies, in particular ontologies specified in first-order logic