CSC263H: Tests

Final Exam

The final exam is comprehensive: (it covers all of the course material, with only a slight emphasis on the second half of the material).

There are many old final exams that you can use for practice. Go to the following page, login with your UTORID, and search for CSC263H:

Sorry, we do not have sample solutions for these questions, but we encourage you to work through as many problems as you can, and discuss them on Piazza and with others in the class. I am also happy to answer your questions about your solutions during office hours.


The midterm test will be written on Thursday October 22 from 8–9 p.m. in EX 100.

Because this is a midterm test scheduled outside of your regular class time, you are not required to miss lecture (or tutorial or lab) in another class to take our test. For students who have a conflict with the 8–9 hour, we will be holding an alternate seating from 9–10 p.m. You must register for this seating by Friday Sept 25th by filling in this form, and emailing it to me (Toni Pitassi).

Re-marking requests:

Please fill in this form, attach it to your test paper, and submit to me by Nov 6.

Midterm Solutions

Below are the links to the midterm solution, which will provided after the test. Please note that we often allowed for several correct answers, not just the sample one given.