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Here are some pictures, mostly of my home province of Manitoba.

The Manitoba Sky:

The prairie sky is beautiful. Having grown up there, I'm extremely biased. But I'm also right. :)

The pictures show the winter sky and fields beyond the Trans-Canada Highway.

Manitoba Sky 1

Manitoba Sky 2

Manitoba Sky 3

Manitoba Sky 4

Manitoba Sky 5

Winter in Manitoba:

Toronto is a tropical paradise.

Winter in Manitoba

Big Snowbanks by the Driveway :)

Another Big Snowbank

Manitoba - May 12, 2004:

This is freak weather. It actually looks colder than it is, the temperature was only about -2 C.

Manitoba - May 12 (1)

Manitoba, May 12 (2)

I'm a big redneck: ;)

Redneck Truck Picture

PODC 2004 - St. John's, Newfoundland:

Left to right: Me, Stephanie Horn, Johny Eisler

OUA Finals, 2005:

Left to right: Captain Allan, Me, Piotr, Coach Andrew, Nick

OUA Finals, 2006:

"We are the champions, we are the champions...." Men's epee won bronze -- finally I've got some hardware. :)

Athens, Greece, April 2006:

The Parthenon

IPDPS 2006 - Rodos Island, Greece:

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Supposed site of the ancient Colossus of Rodos
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