Suzanne Stevenson

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Dept. of Computer Science

University of Toronto

Suzanne Stevenson

Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

email: suzanne [at] cs [dot] toronto [dot] edu
phone: 416-978-6277
fax: 416-978-1455

office: Pratt Building, Room 283C
6 King's College Road
(Building PT on the campus map.)

My area of research is computational linguistics, in which I take a highly multidisciplinary approach integrating computational theories and techniques with insights from the fields of linguistics and psycholinguistics.

Currently, a primary focus of my work is the automatic acquisition of linguistic knowledge from large text corpora, using machine learning approaches. Especially challenging is the learning of semantic information about predicates, which is only implicitly represented in text. Another main area of interest is work on cognitive models of human language acquisition and processing. In the latter, I am particularly interested in modelling how human beings so effortlessly come to the intended meaning of an utterance in spite of the high degree of ambiguity in everything we say and hear. I am also very interested in analyzing databases combining words and pictures (such as captioned images on the web), to determine how the words can help disambiguate the images, and vice versa.

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