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Past Symposia and Conferences

This symposium is the fifth in a biennial series, sponsored by the IEEE, that started in 1993. Previous symposia were as follows:

RE'93, San Diego, California, USA

RE'95, York, UK

RE'97, Annapolis, Maryland, USA

RE'99, Limerick, Ireland

The symposium also has a sister conference, the International Conference on Requirements Engineering, also sponsored by IEEE, which is held in even numbered years:

ICRE'94, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

ICRE'96, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

ICRE'98, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

ICRE'00, Schaumburg, Illinois

Future Conferences

Next year, the symposium and conference will formally merge to become the IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'02), which will then be held annually.

RE'02, Essen, Germany (August 2002)


Last Updated: 9th May 2001