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CSC 2542: Topics in KR&R: Automated Planning and Reasoning about Action

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Dec 9 Room Change -- Thur Dec 9, 2:00 PM: Our 2:00 - 4:00 PM "lecture hour" will be help in Pratt 266 not in Bahen.
Dec 6 The final project presentation in CSC2542 will take place on Monday December 13, 1:00 PM in Pratt 378. Pizza will be served.
Dec 6 There will be a Tutorial on Thursday December 9, 12:10, Pratt 378.
Dec 1 There will be a Tutorial on Thursday December 2, 12:10, Pratt 378.
Nov 26 Slides from last week's presentation are posted now.
Nov 23 There will be a Tutorial on Thursday November 25, 12:10, Pratt 378. Sheila will give an informal 1 hour lecture on Diagnosis, including a brief review of static diagnosis and recent work with Shirin Sohrabi and Jorge Baier on diagnosis as planning.
Nov 22 Slides from last week's presentation are posted now.
Nov 17 Reminder that there will be a tutorial Thursday November 18, 12:10, Pratt 378. In recognition of all the reading and hard work you've been doing, we'll have pizza and drinks at the tutorial.
Nov 15 Slides from last week's presentation are posted now.
Nov 15 Further to my email
  • Videos of selected ICAPS10 tutorials, invited, and joint talks.
  • Videos of a subset of ICAP09 talks.
  • Nov 6 Slides from last week's presentations are all posted now.
    Nov 2 Several of you have asked for project proposal extensions, which I've granted. To be fair, I'd like to let everyone know that they can have a project proposal extension if they need it. Remember that you will be required to report on your progress in about a month, so organize your time accordingly.
    Oct 31 Slides from last week's presentations are all posted now.
    Oct 31 There is no tutorial on Thursday November 4.
    Oct 31 When submitting project proposals, please do so via email to Sheila.
    Oct 28 If you haven't already done so, please e-mail your critiques to Christian - cjmuise -at - cs - dot (you know the rest). I know I previously suggested that you could hand them in at the beginning of class, but it's easier if we have an electronic copy, so please do this prior to coming to class for all subsequent weeks as well. Thanks.
    Oct 27 Posted last weeks slides but I see there is a problem with the conversion of my embedded latex into pdf in the "domain-customization" slides, so I suggest you not download them until I diagnose the problem :(.
    Oct 22 Advanced reminder that course project proposals are due on or about November 4.
    Oct 20 There is no tutorial on Thursday October 21.
    Assignment 1 Part 1 is now due Friday October 29 at midnight.
    Assignment 1 Part 2 is now due Friday November 5 at midnight.

    (If you're finished before the deadline, please hand your assignment in early!)
    Oct 19 Reminder: Paper readings and presentations will start on October 28. During this time, you will have 2 or 3 papers to read each week. For each of these papers, you need to prepare a critique as described in the first week of class. One document that includes critiques of each of the papers is fine. Here is an example of a critique written by a student last year. Recall that if you are presenting a paper that week you need not write critiques for any of the papers being presented that week. Critiques are due at the beginning of class on the week the papers are being presented. Your first critiques are due on October 28.
    Oct 19 The tentative schedule for paper and project presentations has been posted at The site is password protected. You will be receiving email with the password and further instructions shortly.
    Oct 19 October 7 tutorial slides reposted to correct minor error (thanks Paul). Posted an overview paper on Least Commitment Planning under the Oct 14 Readingsfor those who may be interested in reading further on this topic.
    Oct 13 I sent email to all students registered in the class (and some that may not be) regarding paper selection. If you are taking the course for credit and did not receive this email, please let me know.
    Oct 7 There will be no tutorial on Thursday October 14. The lecture period from 2:00 - 4:00 will be administered by Christian Muise. He will spend as much time as needed doing a walkthrough of the FF code, and demo'ing its operation. He will also answer questions relating to A1. Any remaining time will (tentatively) be spent in a formal lecture on partial order planning.

    Sheila will be away but will be accessible by skype or email.
    Oct 4 Tutorials will be held on Thursdays 12:00-1:00 PM in Pratt 378 (6 King's College Road, 3rd floor). We will have tutorials many weeks, but not every week. A notice will be posted here each week.

    There will be a tutorial on Thursday October 7.
    Oct 4 Assignment 1 has been posted to the main course web page.
    Oct 3 Projected Course Schedule posted to the main course web page.
    Oct 1 Further to my email, please fill out this second doodle poll in an effort to identify a time for a tutorial. Apologies for the extra work.
    Sept 28 If you have time, please try to skim Chapters 6 and 7 before Thursday's Lecture. I will generally announce readings in class the previous week. This is shorter notice because a change in my lecture plan.
    Sept 26 I sent out a test message to our class mailing list. If you did not receive this message and would like to be included on the list, please email Sheila.
    Sept 20 We are trying to find a weekly time slot for a one hour tutorial. Please fill out the following doodle poll. The poll closes on Saturday September 25.
    Sept 17 Slides from the Sept 16 lecture are now posted. If you prefer them to be disseminated in a different format please let me know. Also, please report any errors or omissions in the slides.
    Sept 16 Much of the course will involve reading recent research papers, however the following textbook will be used as a reference in the first month of the course:
      Automated Planning: Theory and Practice
      By Ghallab, Nau, Traverso
    It can be found online. TEXTBOOK IS ONLINE HERE.

    It is also on reserve (24 hour loan) in the Eng & CS Library.
    The following book is on reserve (24 hour loan) in the Gerstein library:
      Knowledge in Action: Logical Foundations for Specifying and Implementing Dynamical Systems
      By Raymond Reiter
    which I will reference briefly.

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