Scott Leishman

Current Status

I'm a M.Sc. candidate affiliated with the Machine Learning Group in the Department of Computer Science , at the University of Toronto.

My supervisor is Sam Roweis.

Contact Info

Email: scottl /at/ cs (dot) toronto (dot) edu

Snail Mail:
Scott Leishman
University of Toronto
Department of Computer Science
10 King's College Rd.,
Toronto, ON

Curriculum Vitae

Available by request for now

The Story Thus Far

Born to two very loving parents in Glasgow, Scotland during the late summer of 1979.
Immigrated to Canada with baby sister in tow 3 years later.
Raised as a soccer playing rapscallion in the friendly confines of south-western Ontario.
Completed undergraduate degree at 2 of the 3 sprawling University of Toronto campuses.
Received an Honours Bachelor of Science, with a specialist in Software Engineering and a minor in the Philosophy of Science.
Completed a 16 month PEY internship at the then named Sema Group in the outskirts of Toronto.
Travelled half-way around the world to Japan and South Korea with good friends / former room-mates / co-conspirators.
Spent an awesome 4 month research period coming up with an unrefined version of this.
Moved to la belle province (Montreal, QC).
Re-united with old working buddies and spent almost 2 years at the newly named airwide solutions.
Met and fell in love with an amazing gal named Jas.
Backpacked through a good chunk of Western Europe.
Moved back to the smoggy climes of Toronto.