JTAG image

This is an application I wrote in the summer of 2003 that had the ability to manipulate, display, and classify rectangular sections of elements on each page.

Screenshots are available below (click for larger version):

First screenshot   Second screenshot

Some of its features include:

  • Ability to automatically segment and predict labels for those segments using interchangeable classifiers including:
    • k-nearest neighbours
    • logistic regression
    • gaussian naive Bayes (1 per class)
    • hidden markov model
    • maximum entropy markov model
  • Selection information stored in ASCII flat files
  • Ability to zoom in and out of pages, and navigate between multiple pages in the same article
  • Easy to draw and label new regions. Just drag and drop with a mouse
  • Ability to merge and split regions (horizontally or vertically)
  • Hand-drawn regions are autmatically "snapped" to ink boundaries