CSC407/ECE450 Assignment 1b Sample Solution

Uses of Interface

Packages that use FeatureList
plan.dom This package implements the domain object model which consists of classes representing domain concepts as drawn from the object-oriented analysis. This package is used to prepare and output reports. 

Uses of FeatureList in plan.dom

Classes in plan.dom that implement FeatureList
(package private)  class DefaultFeatureListImplementation
          Default implementation of FeatureList minus the getLabel() method
 class Release
          Represents a possible release of a software product.
 class Software

Uses of FeatureList in

Methods in with parameters of type FeatureList
static void Report.writeSummaryTable(FeatureList[] fl)
          Write a table summarizing the number of features and their sizings.
static void Report.writeFeatures(java.lang.String title, FeatureList fl)
          Write out details for all the features in the specified FeatureList.

CSC407/ECE450 Assignment 1b Sample Solution