Web sites in Toronto computer ads

Updated January 31, 1998
January 31, 1998: Updated GreyTech link
New (November 16, 1997): Added Factory Direct Computer Outlet
New (August 6, 1997): Added Holly Technology

This started out as a list of all the web sites I found in ads in the January 1996 Toronto Computes and the February 1996 Computer Paper, Ontario edition. I am in no way associated with either paper. Now I've also evolved it to add a couple of other useful vendor links. Go figure.

This is an all-volunteer service and make no guarantees about keeping this up to date. I have no affiliation with any of these companies. In particular, my Web access is through the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto: I am a graduate student (t)here.

I may have missed some sites. If you are a local vendor and you'd like to be put on this list, send me email at neto at cs utoronto dot ca, but don't expect me to do it soon.

Keywords: Toronto, Ontario, computers, buyer's guide, retail, sales, shopping, world wide web, WWW, sites, ISP, Internet service providers.

I made up this page because I was in the market for a couple of systems and thought this would help me comparison shop.

Related sites

(Note: several of these sites were hosted by Internex Online, io.org, which was bought out by Istar. I've retained those broken links in the hopes that someone will tell me where they've gone to.)

I was repeatedly amazed that there are Internet service providers that do not advertise their own web sites. Go figure. Other Toronto ISP lists can be found at:

If you want specifications on particular items, then one place to start is my list of web sites by computer manufacturers.

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