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Updated March 2, 1998
(March 2, 1998): Link to new OS/2 unofficial FAQ
(September 5, 1997): Added link to AMD
(August 21, 1997): Updated Toronto OS/2 User's Group link
(January 31, 1997): Added Service Track Inc.
(December 3, 1996): Added AVR Corporation
(September 3, 1996): Updated Linfield's Favourite OS/2 Freeware link

I do a lot of shopping for computers and computer components. Here are some links that I've found useful.

If you live in the Toronto area, be sure to see a list of webs sites I found in advertisements in Toronto Computes! and The Computer Paper. It includes an extensive listing of local ISPs, and a pointer to someone else's ISP listing.

Another good place to look is the BYTE online archive.

Then there's

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