Cosmin Munteanu

Research agenda

My research is generally dedicated to  facilitating natural, meaningful, multimodal interactions between humans and information-rich media, computing devices, and technology. In particular, I am interested in how speech, language, and gesture-based interfaces can be adapted to serve the information-access needs of marginalized user groups, and in what are the usability, social, ethical, and safety barriers to bridging the digital divide faced by marginalized users through natural and intelligent interfaces.

Current research directions and projects:

  • Multimodal interfaces to improve older adults' access to online health information
  • Mobile multimodal interfaces to increase older adults' social connectedness through storytelling
  •  Improving the online safety of older adults
  • Multimodal natural assistive interfaces to support reading, learning, and access to critical information
  • Ethics of human-computer interaction research in sensitive settings
  • Reducing older adults' social isolation through tangible interfaces
  • Inter-generational gaming