Software Architecture & Design

Mathew Zaleski
E-mail: matz@cdf
Office Hours: BA3234 when: Monday 11-12am
Lecture: Thursday 10-12, BA1170
Tutorials: BA1170, UC177, BF215, LM155
Drop box BA2220


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Best Wishes

For the New Year and all the rest..

Final Marks

I think I have finished the final marks. I will send them to the faculty on Jan 7/04. If you still need to proof read your term marks in STORM do it by Jan 6 or forever hold your peace.

Final mark statistics

The exam was pretty tough. no doubt about it. STORM exam statistics

However, the term marks were pretty good, so the final marks do justice to our efforts (I hope): STORM final mark statistics

Thursday Dec 18 BA5287 Assignment pick up and remark-a-thon

The teaching assistants and I will all be available in BA5287 from 10am until 11am on Thursday to wrap up any remaining problems with the term work. Be there or be square.


Note: the mark schemes are guidelines for the markers not solution sets.

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