Margot Lisa-Jing Yann

Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
email: lyan [at]

My research focuses on Artificial Intelligence, machine learining, and related applications in the bio-medical, economics fields, etc. Besides research, I also taught at the University of Toronto, St. George campus and Missisauga campus, as a sessional lecturer in 2015.

I worked on using machine learning methods to automate the high-throughput protein crystallization process during my postdoctoral research at the University Health Network. In 2013, I defended my PhD dissertation, titled "Multiagent Systems: Games and Learning from Structures", at the Lassonde School of Engineering of York University, under the supervision of professor Nick Cercone.

Research Experience

For my postdoctoral research, my main focus is to apply machine learning techniques (mainly deep convolutional neural networks), to analyze large-scale data in the bio-medical field and health care domain.

My PhD research lies in the areas of graphical model learning, multiagent learning, game theory, and reinforcement learning. In a multiagent environment, each agent acts according to its own goal while other agents are simultaneously making changes to the environment. My main interest is to explore how each agent can learn and adapt according to the behaviors of other agents in order to achieve optimal performance.

Learning Bayesian Networks is also a research interest of mine. It deals with learning probabilistic graphical models in order to represent and reveal the hidden causes of data. In addition, I have also worked on several research projects involving object recognition and visual attention modeling.

Teaching Experience

2015 Winter:


Multiagent Learning and Systems

Technical Report:

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Bayesian Networks Learning


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Machine Learning & Bioinformatics


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Unpublished Technical Report:

Ph.D Dissertation: "Multiagent Systems: Games and Learning from Structures" 2013.

Master Thesis: "Bayesian Networks in Gene Selection" 2007.

Bachelor Thesis: "Learning Bayesian Network Structure: a Hybrid Algorithm" 2003.

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