Jonathan Taylor


EMAIL: jtaylor !!!at!!! cs.toronto !!!dot!!! edu

I am now a Senior Scientist and Founding Team Member at PerceptiveIO. Previously, I was a Postdoc and then a Researcher in the Machine Learning and Perception group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK where I worked on a variety of computer vision and machine learning problems. To get a better idea of my interests, please see my list of publications.

I will be presenting MSR's state of the art hand tracking technolgy (see video below) at SIGGRAPH 2016. To achieve this, I and my colleagues at MSR brought together the multitude of hand shape modelling and tracking papers we published during my time at MSR.

Below you can see me demonstrating and talking about an older version of that work.

I recently gave a tutorial on Fitting Surfaces Models to Data with Andrew Fitzgibbon at CVPR 2016 in Vegas!

I did my PhD at The University of Toronto where my research focussed on non-rigid structure from motion methods. I completed my Masters in Computer Science at McGill.