Saturday, May 28, 2005


Bold AutoLinking using GreaseMonkey

Jesse Ruderman's AutoLink user script for Firefox is quite a handy tool. It turns simple plain text URLs and emails from web pages into real links. So you can just click on the link instead of copying and pasting it into the URL bar.

AutoLink is a great tool, but it could be better. Here's an example. If I'm trying to remember a friend's email address, I often type in the person's name into my gmail search box. For my good friend Bill, here's what should pop up:

With AutoLink, emailing Bill is as easy as a single click. No need for tedious copying and pasting.

Unfortunately, because Gmail has highlighted Bill's email in bold, Jesse's AutoLink gets confused by the extra tags in the middle of the link. As a result, that handy link doesn't appear. To fix this, I've rewritten the search routine of AutoLink to skip over bold tags and other similar formatting tags.

Installation Instructions
  1. Install Firefox and the GreaseMonkey Extension
  2. Right click here, and select 'Install User Script'
You can also take a look at the raw source code, if you like.
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