CSC263 - Fall 2008

CSC263 - Data Structures & Analysis - Fall 2008

Instructor: Iannis Tourlakis

Office hours: T 14-16 (SF 2304D, 416-946-7977).

Lectures: TR 10, MP 137

Tutorials: R11

Tutors: Robert Danek

Natan Dubitski

Gertruda Grolinger

Vladimir Yanovsky

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Date Announcement(s)
21/11/08 Assignment 5 (due Dec 4) is out!
14/11/08 2 day extension for Assignment 4:
Assignment 4 can be handed in at the BEGINNING of class Thursday, Nov 20.
HOWEVER, no late assignments will be accepted.
12/11/08 Correction to Assignment 4:
In question 1c, the upper bound on tree height should be (log2n)+1 not log2n.
6/11/08 Assignment 4 (due Nov 18th) is out!
24/10/08 IMPORTANT: Next week tutorial will be held on Tuesday (Oct 28th) and there will be a 2 hour class on Thursday (Oct 30th).
Tutorial division for Tuesday:
Last names A-F: go to MP 137
Last names G-Z: go to BA 3004
24/10/08 Assignment 3 (due Nov 6th) is out!
24/10/08 Next week's office hours will be held Wednesday (Oct 29th) 12:00-1:30pm.
Extra office hours (in addition to regular Tuesday office hours) Wed Oct 22nd 11-1pm.
REMINDER: Midterm this Thursday Oct 23rd in class (MP137) from 10:10-12:00.
I'll post midterm topics on the bulletin board over the next couple of days.
Assignment 2 (due Oct 14th) is out!
Please submit late assignments (by 10:15am Oct 3rd) at my office (slide it under the door if I'm not there).
Simplification for Question 3 on Assignment 1: You may assume keys are distinct.
Extra office hours this week Wednesday (Oct 1st) 12:00-1:30pm.
This week's office hours will be held Wednesday (Sept 24th) 2-4pm.
Clarification for Question 1 on Assignment 1:
The value you want to minimize is the expected value of the following sum: the time job A finishes + the time job B finishes.
(Some have interpreted the question as saying you want to minimize the time when both jobs have completed which is not what was intended).
Tutorial division:
Last names beginning with A-C: BA3116
Last names beginning with D-N: BA3012
Last names beginning with O-Z: MP137
For those considering switching to CSC265 and wanting to get a taste of CSC265, here is a link to their first assignment.
Assignment 1 (due Oct 2nd) is now available.
Tutorial this Thursday (11/9/08) to be held in MP 137.
Class will be split into three tutorials starting next week.