I'm no purist.   In fact, I'm an impurist!

There is a school of thought where a new interpretation of a piece of music is not seen as competing with older ones. The Mozart reorchestration of Messiah is not meant to replace Handel's original; the Labadie performance does not supersede the Ormandy. There is no need to choose among these interpretations. We can like them all, and I do!

In this school, a performer may decide to take a left turn even when the composer insists on a right. The left turn is not seen as something negative, contradicting the intent of the composer. It's just another trip, another adventure. The next time through, the choices can be different.

And so it is with the piano pieces in this collection. None of them really follow the composer's instructions. In some cases, the tempo is all wrong. In other cases, the pieces are unceremoniously excised from longer works, with a bit of sanding to smooth the edges. In still others, the pieces proceed only roughly in the direction indicated by the composer.

This school of thought is not for everyone.   Listener beware!

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