C4M: Computing for Medicine Summer Exercises and Assignments


The Summer phase consists of two projects. Each project is supported by a series of three exercises. We encourage you to work in pairs when working on the projects. The exercises are to be submitted individually. You are encouraged to start working on the projects as soon as possible. Doing the exercises should help with working on the projects.

Course resources

Project 1: Medical Document Retrieval using TF-IDF

Project 2: Human Mobility and Epidemic Modelling

Project: Project description, cities.txt.

Starter code:

Video tutorials —watch while reading the handout:

Project timeline

Extra Session Materials

Submitting your work on MarkUs

The projects (and parts of some of the exrcises) will be submitted on MarkUs using the MarkUs system. You can log in to MarkUs using your UTORid.

To submit as a group, one of you needs to "invite" the other to be partners, and then the other student needs to accept the invitation. To invite a partner, navigate to the appropriate Assignment page, find "Group Information", and click on "Invite". You will be prompted for the other student's CDF user name; enter it. To accept an invitation, find "Group Information" on the Assignment page, find the invitation listed there, and click on "Join". Only one student must invite the other: if both students send an invitation, then neither of you will be able to accept the other's invitation. So make sure to agree beforehand on who will send the invitation!

To submit your work, navigate to the appropriate Assignment page, then click on the "Submissions" tab near the top. Click "Add a New File" and either type a file name or use the "Browse" button to choose one. Then click "Submit". You can submit a new version of any file at any time (though the lateness penalty applies if you submit after the deadline) — look in the "Replace" column. For the purposes of determining the lateness penalty, the submission time is considered to be the time of your latest submission.

Once you have submitted, click on the file's name to check that you have submitted the correct version.