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Mohamed Abdalla (now at University of Alberta, Department of General Internal Medicine) [MSc thesis, 2018; PhD thesis 2022]

Yawar Ali (now at MUFG Investor Services) [MSc thesis, 1985]

Daniel Ansari [MSc thesis, 1995]

Melanie Baljko (now at York University) [MSc thesis, 1997; PhD thesis, 2004]

Faye Baron [MSc thesis, 2007]

Benjamin Bartlett (now at the Department of Political Science, Miami University of Ohio) [MSc thesis, 2006]

Kaira Bergstra, formerly Ol’ga Feiguina (now at Tier1 Financial Solutions)

Julian Brooke (now at [PhD thesis, 2014]

Barbara Brunson [MA thesis, 1986]

Alex Budanitsky  (now with the Government of Ontario)

Mark Catt (now at Goldman Sachs, New York) [MSc thesis, 1988]

Paul Cook (now at University of New Brunswick) [Postdoc, 2010–11]

Adrian Corduneanu (now at Meta)

Jean-Pierre Corriveau (now at Carleton University) [PhD thesis, 1991]

Chrysanne DiMarco (retired from the University of Waterloo) [PhD thesis, 1990]

Judith Dick [PhD thesis, 1991]

Philip Edmonds (now at Spotify) [MSc thesis, 1996; PhD thesis, 1999]

Kawin Ethayarajh (now at Stanford University) [MSc thesis, 2019]

Brenda Fawcett (now at Becker-Carroll) [MSc thesis, 1985]

Afsaneh Fazly (now at Samsung AI Centre, Toronto) [MSc thesis, 2002]

Vanessa Wei Feng (now at Meta) [MSc thesis, 2010; PhD thesis, 2015]

David Fernig (now at Shopify)

Mary Ellen Foster (now at the University of Glasgow) [MSc thesis, 1999]

Kathleen Fraser (now at the National Research Council of Canada) [PhD thesis, 2016]

Erick Galani Maziero (now at Universidade Federal de Lavras) [Guest student from the University of São Paulo, São Carlos, 2014–15]

Helena Hong Gao

Ulrich Germann (now at University of Edinburgh)

Angela Glover (now at the School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto) [MSc thesis, 1996]

Neil Graham (now at IBM Canada Ltd) [MSc thesis, 2000]

Stephen Green (now at Oracle) [PhD thesis, 1997]

Peter Heeman (now at the Oregon Health and Science University) [MSc thesis, 1991]

Diane Horton (now at the Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto) [MSc thesis, 1987]

Diana Inkpen (now at the University of Ottawa) [PhD thesis, 2004]

Nathalie Japkowicz (now at American University, Washington DC) [MSc thesis, 1990]

Serena Jeblee (now at Mutuo Health Solutions and Autumn) [PhD thesis, 2021]

Varada Kolhatkar (now at the University of British Columbia) [PhD thesis, 2015]

Grzegorz  (Greg) Kondrak (now at the University of Alberta) [PhD thesis, 2002]

Ellen Anna Korcovelos (now at Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc) [Fulbright Scholar, 2016–17]

Xuan Le (now at NexJ Systems) [MSc thesis, 2010]

Yves Lespérance (now at York University) [PhD thesis, 1991]

Jane (Jianhua) Li [MSc thesis, 2006]

Naishi Liu [Guest researcher, 2007]

Robert Lizée (now at Gamerizon) [MSc thesis, 1995]

Daniel Lyons (now at BACS Ltd, London) [MSc thesis, 1989]

Megh Marathe (now at Michigan State University) [MSc thesis, 2009]

Daniel Marcu (now at Amazon) [MSc thesis, 1994; PhD thesis, 1997]

Vanessa Queiroz Marinho (now at FARFETCH) [Guest student from the University of Sāo Paulo, Sāo Carlos, 2016]

Susan McRoy (now at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee) [MSc thesis, 1988; PhD thesis, 1993]

Kinfe Tadesse Mengistu (now at Nuance Communications) [Postdoc, 2010–11]

Mara Miezitis (now at Caracal Technologies) [MSc thesis, 1988]

Tristan Miller (now at the University of Winnipeg) [MSc thesis, 2003]

Natalia Modjeska (now at Omdia) [Guest student from the University of Edinburgh; PhD thesis 2003]

Saif Mohammad (now at the National Research Council of Canada) [PhD thesis, 2008]

Jane Morris [MSc thesis, 1988;  PhD thesis, 2007]

Colin Morris [MSc thesis, 2013]

Nona Naderi (now at Université Paris–Saclay) [PhD thesis 2019]

Yun Niu (now at Sanofi Pasteur) [PhD thesis, 2007]

Amber O’Hearn, formerly Amber Wilcox-O’Hearn (freelance author, The Ketogenic Diet for Health) [MSc thesis, 2014]

Julie Payette (formerly the Governor General of Canada) [MASc thesis, 1990]

Krish Perumal (now at Cedience, Toronto) [MSc thesis, 2016]

Linda Bauman Peto [MSc thesis, 1994]

Jeff Pinto (now at Blue Mesa Health) [MSc thesis, 2018]

Stephen Regoczei (retired from Trent University)

Yaroslav Riabinin (now at Legalicity) [MSc thesis, 2009]

Frank Rudzicz (now at Dalhousie University and elsewhere) [PhD thesis, 2011]

Mark Ryan (now at IBM Canada Ltd) [MSc thesis, 1989]

Carson Schütze (now at the University of California, Los Angeles) [MA thesis, 1991]

Bart Selman (now at Cornell University) [MSc thesis, 1985]

Eric Smith (now at ThoughtWire) [PhD thesis, 2010]

David St-Onge [MSc thesis, 1995]

Manfred Stede (now at the University of Potsdam) [PhD thesis, 1996]

Krishnapriya Vishnubhotla [MSc thesis, 2019; PhD thesis, 2024]

Toby Walker (now at Microsoft)

Muuo Wambua (now at Apple) [MSc thesis, 2018]

Tong Wang (now at Microsoft Research, Montreal) [MSc thesis, 2009; PhD thesis, 2016]

Murray Watt (now at Storygize) [MSc thesis, 1988]

Janyce Wiebe (1959–2018) [Postdoc, 1991]

Dekai Wu (now at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) [Postdoc, 1992]

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