Geoff Salmon

I was a computer science grad student in the Systems and Networks Group, where my adviser was Prof. Yashar Ganjali. After completing my masters in 2009, I began working for a small startup.

You can contact me at [my first name]


Router Buffer Sizing:

Network routers require packet buffers to temporarily store packets when outgoing links are busy. The required size of these buffers depends on the arriving traffic. In particular, we're interested in how small the buffers can be in Internet core routers while still maintaining the network performance everyone expects. I've helped perform a series of test-bed experiments to see the affect of different buffers sizes on different network traffics.

Traffic Generator:

The chief difficulty we faced in the buffer size experiments was lack of control over the test traffic. Although many properties of the traffic are relatively easy to control, the exact packet inter-arrival times are not, and because small packet buffers can fill up quickly, the inter-arrival time of packets is very important.

Currently, I'm working to build a better traffic generator. One that is able to generate a wide range of traffic patterns by controlling exactly when each packet is transmitted. To accomplish this, we're using a NetFPGA card, which introduces some challenges of its own but should provide the necessary precision.



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