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AI Links

University of Toronto CS Department - Artificial Intelligence Research Group Information
MIT AI Lab: Main Page
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Artificial Intelligence Resources
Artificial Intelligence Hot List

Reinforcement Learning

A great book available online: R. Sutton and A. Barto. Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction, MIT Press, Cambridge, 1998.
RL Reading Group

Trading Agent Competition

The Trading Agent Competition (TAC) is an international forum designed to promote and encourage high quality research into the trading agent problem.
Trading Agent Competition 2002
Trading Agent Competition 2000, 2001
TAC Publications and TAC-02 Agent Descriptions

Software Agents

The Agent Society Home Page
MIT Media Lab,Software Agents Group
Agent online References
Agent Related Pages from Mike Wooldridge
Jack Krupansky's Software Agent Links
Distributed Intelligent Search Agents for the World Wide Web
Intelligent Agents in Electronic Commerce
UMBC AgentNews Webletter
Intelligent Agents on the Web
Intelligent Software Agents on the Internet
Intelligent Software Agents
Intelligent Agent and Electronic Commerce
Autonomous Agents '98
Multi-Agents, Teamwork, Collaboration, Agent Modeling, Plan recognition, Intelligent Agents
The Multi-Agent Systems Laboratory
Agent Papers (list of published papers)

Digital Libraries

University of Michigan Digital Library Project
UMDL: Accomplishments: Publications
Stanford Digital Libraries Project
UC Berkeley Digital Library Project
Computer - Federating Diverse Collections of Scientific Literature
Computer - Building Large-Scale Digital Libraries
Computer - Toward Work-Centered Digital Information Services
Computer - Intelligent Access to Digital Video: Informedia Project
Computer - A Digital Library for Geographically Referenced Materials
Computer - Using Distributed Objects for Digital Library Interoperability
Computer - Toward Inquiry-Based Education Through Interacting Software Agents


"What is Game Theory?", by D.K.Levine
"How to write a PhD Thesis?"
Integrated Health Telematics Network of Crete
Center for Medical Informatics and Health Telematics Applications, ICS-FORTH
Binder's Bookmarks on Telemedicine and Telematics in Medicine
Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory home page
Stanford University School of Medicine: Section on Medical Informatics
Stanford University School of Medicine: Section on Medical Informatics Reports By Year
Stanford CSD: Research Projects
Stanford University Distributed Systems Group

CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)
Object Management Group Home Page
OMG Healthcare DTF (Former CORBAmed)
Collection of Links on Distributed Objects and Components (focusing on CORBA links)

Standardization of Healthcare Informatics
Healthcare Informatics Standards
Health Level-7 (HL7) Standards Page
European Committee for Standardization - Technical Committee for Health Informatics

Free Software
Open Source Health Care Resources
Public SGML/XML Software

Unified Modeling Language(UML) and Rational Rose
What is visual modeling?
UML Resource Center
Rational Rose 98


...he reached a door before which stood a doorkeeper.
He asked for admittance, but the doorkeeper said he
couldn't grant admittance at the moment. Being a
man who sought to make a difference, he asked
if it would be possible to pass through later and the
doorkeeper answered, "Perhaps." Since the door was
open and the keeper had moved to the side, he
peered into the interior. "If you are so
insistent, you can enter despite my veto..." the
doorkeeper said. "But beware: I am powerful,
and each successive doorkeeper inside is more
powerful than the last. The third doorkeeper is
already so powerful that even I cannot bear to look
at him". This gave him pause, and so he sat down on
a stool the doorkeeper had provided him, to await a better moment.
Years went by and he at last came to die.
"Everyone strives to reach the Law..."
he said with his final breaths. "So how is it that
no one but myself has ever begged for admittance?"
The doorkeeper replied, as his eyes grew glassy,
"No one else could ever be admitted here, since
this gate was made for you. I am now going to shut it."
Franz Kafka
Well, it happens to everybody, really, doesn't it ?? ;) However, it's also true that...

"Diving is good, as long as you get out of the water
before your breath goes out..."


Κώστας Καρυωτάκης (Kostas Kariotakis) "...Θηρεύοντας πράγματα αιώνια, θ'αφήσω να φύγουν τα χρόνια. Θα φύγουν και θα 'ν' η καρδιά μου, σα ρόδο που επάτησα χάμου..."
Kostas Kariotakis (K. Karyotakis) - Some poems (translated in english)
Giorgos Seferis: "Narration" (translated in english)
Γιάννης Ρίτσος : Ημερολόγια Εξορίας (απόσπασμα) (Yiannis Ritsos, an extract from the "Calendars of Exile")
Yiannis Ritsos - Extracts from "Epitaphios", english translation
Yiannis Ritsos - "People and suitcases" (translated in english)
Nikos Gatsos: "We Who are Left" (translated in english)
Odysseas Elytis: "The Age of Blue Memory" (translated in english)
Κατερίνα Γώγου (Katerina Gogou) "...Στο μυαλό είναι ο Στόχος, το νου σου, ε;" - "Their Target is your reasoning ability; be careful, will you?"
Katerina Gogou: May 25th (translated in english)
Katerina Gogou... A poem... (translated in english)
Katerina Gogou: Some more poems
Katerina Gogou: ...One more poem translated in english
Constantinos P. Cavafy (K.P. Kavafis): "The God Abandons Antony" (translated in english)
Constantinos P. Cavafy (K.P. Kavafis): His most famous poem, "Ithaca", translated in English, Italian, French and Spanish!
Constantinos P. Cavafy (K.P. Kavafis): "Waiting for the Barbarians" (translated in english)
Selected Poems of Constantinos P. Cavafy (K.P. Kavafis) (translated in english)
Yet another link to selected poems of Constantinos P. Cavafy (K.P. Kavafis) (translated in english)
Poems of K.P.Kavafis (page in greek)
Modern Greek Poetry on the Web! A great collection of literary creations of contemporary greek poets, as they appear in contemporary greek literature magazines! (page in greek)
Greek songs and poetry on the web ... (page in greek, but translations for several greek songs exist)
Pablo Neruda: Sixty Poems
Pablo Neruda: Si Tu Me Olvidas
Pablo Neruda Page in greek
Federico Garcia Lorca Page in greek
Poetic Anthology for Children (you can find many traditional songs here - pages in greek)

Other Interesting Pages

Pavlos Sidiropoulos "...Πές μας τί θα γίνει αν κάποτε αγγίξεις το κορμί σου και το 'βρεις τσακισμένο απ'τις πληγές, και πλάι σου κούκλες χλωμές ανίκανες ν'ακούσουν τη φωνή σου, κι οι αλήθειες σου να σέρνονται στο πάτωμα γυμνές..."
Kevin Quain and the Mad Bastards If you are in town, go see them live at Cameron House!
Nikolas Asimos "...κι άν χάνεις αυτό που σε ζεί δεν έφταιξες μόνο εσύ - αξίζει να ζουν σαν παιδιά εκείνοι που έχουν καρδιά ..."
Socrates Malamas
Hamlet Online"...Call me what instrument you will, though you can fret me, you cannot play upon me..."
Tzimis Panousis
Nanni Moretti Homepage
And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda ...
The Linux Tutorial
Interesting links
Agios Nikolaos, the heartbeat of Crete!
One more site with info on Agios Nikolaos!
Agios Nikolaos, where the heart of Crete beats(ok, we are exaggerrating, but we love this place :)
Lassithi tourist guide
CSD-UCH Alumni Association
Ένωση Πληροφορικών Ελλάδας many times can a man turn his head pretending he just doesn't see?
...the answer is blowing in the wind...

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