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Current Students

Micha Livne
Ali Punjani
Fartash Faghri
Farzaneh Mahdisoltani
Haowei Zhang
Recent Students and Post-Docs
Marcus Brubaker, PhD (Research Director, Borealis AI; Assistant Professor, York University)
Yanshuai Cao , PhD (Research Scientist, Borealis AI)
Martin de la Gorce, PhD (Research Scientist, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech)
Diego Macrini, PhD (PostDoc, University of Ottawa)
Oscar Nestares, PhD (Research Scientist, Intel Research)
Mohammad Norouzi, PhD (Research Scientist, Google Brian)
Leonid Sigal, PhD (Associate Professor, Universityof British Columbia)
Raquel Urtasun, PhD (Associate Professor, University of Toronto)
Jack M. Wang, PhD (Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong)
Kiam Choo, MSc
Eunice Poon, MSc (Software Engineer, Epson Research)
Sara Sabour, MSc (Software Engineer, Google Brian)
Alexander Wong, MSc (Google)
Other colleagues with whom I've published papers:
John L. Barron, University of Western Ontario
Michael J. Black, Brown University
Pascal Fua, EPFL
Rick Gurnsey, Concordia University
Horst Haussecker, Intel Research
David J. Heeger, New York University
Aaron Hertzmann, Adobe Advanced Technology Labs
Allan D. Jepson, University of Toronto
Kyros Kutulakos, University of Toronto
Keith Langley, University College London
Nikos Paragios, Ecole Centrale de Paris
Bryan Stewart, University of Toronto
Hermann Wagner, Aachen University
Yair Weiss, Hebrew University
Yaser Yacoob, University of Maryland
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Clustering and Mixture Models
Kernel (support vector) Machines
Sequential Monte Carlo Methods

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