Fun Scripts

Brownian Tree

An implementation of a brownian tree. One dot at the centre of the canvas acts as a seed and the tree grows as other dots move around randomly and bump into it. You can draw on the cavans and the lines will act as new seeds. You can also specify a hexidecimal colour value for the pen. "Set Origin" determines where new points spawn.

Rand: Pen Colour: Delay (ms):
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Game of Life

This is a 2D cellular automaton. It defaults to John Conway's Game of Life but other variations can be used. Draw on the canvas or hit "Randomize" to provide an initial input.

Cell Size: Wrap: Rule Stay/Born:
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Cyclic Cellular Automaton

A cyclic cellular automaton consists of cells in 1 of n states. Each cell changes to state n+1 if any of its neighbours are in state n+1 (all modulo n).

Cell Size: Wrap: States:
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