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Recomended Books

Computer Vision

  • David Marr, Vision.
    The algorithms in the book are dated but the problems and ideas presented are not. I have not been able to find a similar discussion of the basic problems in computer vision in any other book.
  • David A. Forsyth and Jean Ponce, Computer Vision: A Modern Approach.
    This is a very complete introductory book to computer vision. Lack of background knowledge should not be a problem with this book.


  • Robert L. Gregory, Eye and Brain.
    Excellent description of the biological eyes and brains, and moreover their coupled interaction.
  • Evan Thompon, Colour Vision.
    Past and present of the philosophical discussion about color perception. It reads well and makes you rethink the subject.


  • Ian P. Howard and Brian J. Rogers*, Seeing in Depth. Volumes 1 and 2.
    These books are basically an enciclopedia on the psycophysical knowledge in the area of depth perception. I think they are great books to have as reference on the subject.

* 2nd volume only.