Eyal de Lara
Associate Professor
Computer Systems and Networks Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
Bahen Centre for Information Technology
40 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2E4

Email: delara@cs.toronto.edu
Phone: 416 946-8656
Fax: 416 978-4765
Office: BA5234

New Book!

Location Systems: An Introduction to the Technology Behind Location Awareness
Anthony LaMarca, Eyal de Lara

[Review by Riemer Brouwer]

Available From:


My research interests include cloud and mobile computing.


Fall 2014 CSC 309 Programming on the Web
Spring 2014 CSC 309 Programming on the Web
Fall 2013 CSC 2228 Topics in Mobile and Pervasive Computing
Srping 2014 ECE 1779 Introduction to Cloud Computing
Winter 2013 CSC 2231 Advanced Topics in Mobile and Cloud Computing



  • Lili Sun
  • Sahil Suneja
  • M.Sc.

  • Silviu Jingoi
  • Utkarsh Roychoudhury
  • Former Ph.D. Students

  • Nilton Bila   (IBM TJ Watson)
  • Jing Su   (GridCentric)
  • Andres Lagar   (AT&T Labs)
  • Iqbal Mohomed   (IBM TJ Watson)
  • Alex Varshavsky   (AT&T Labs)

    Former M.Sc. Students

  • Eric Wright
  • Elliot Baron
  • Olga Irzak
  • Svitlana Tumanova
  • Michael Mior
  • Andre Kalamandeen
  • Waqas ur Rehman
  • Jim Cai
  • Alvin Chin
  • Veljo Otsason
  • Bradley Reid
  • Biao Wang

    Professional Activities

    IEEE Pervasive Computing Editorial Board Member
    PhoneSense 2012 Program Committee
    SYSTOR 2012 Program Committee