Waqas ur Rehman

     MSc. Candidate

     Department of Computer Science

     University of Toronto


     Email: waqas@cs.toronto.edu

      Office Address: BA5200, 40 St. George St.

      Toronto, ON M5S 2E4, CANADA

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Research Interests

I am interested in networks, distributed systems and mobile systems.




  • Resource Management Services for a Grid Analysis Environment

    A. Ali, A. Anjum, T. Azim, J. Bunn, A. Mehmood, R. McClatchey, H. Newman, W. ur Rehman, C. Steenberg, M. Thomas, F. van Lingen, I. Willers, M. A. Zafar. Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Parallel Processing Workshops, Oslo, Norway

  • JClarens: A Java Framework for Developing and Deploying Web Services for Grid Computing

    M. Thomas,C. Steenberg, F. van Lingen, H. Newman, J. Bunn, A. Ali, R. McClatchey, A. Anjum, T. Azim, W. ur Rehman, F. Khan, J. Uk. Proceedings of 2005 IEEE International Conference on Web Services, Orlando, Florida

  • Job Monitoring in an interactive Grid Analysis Environment

    Arshad Ali, Ashiq Anjum, Julian Bunn, Richard Cavanaugh, Frank van Lingen, Richard McClatchey, Harvey Newman, Waqas ur Rehman, Conrad Steenberg, Michael Thomas, Ian Willers. Proceedings of CHEP 04 Computing in High Energy Physics, Interlaken, Switzerland

  • JClarens: A Java Based Interactive Physics Analysis Environment for Data Intensive Applications

    Arshad Ali, Ashiq Anjum, Rizwan Haider, Tahir Azim, Waqas ur Rehman, Julian Bunn, Harvey Newman, Michael Thomas, Conrad Steenberg. Proceedings of ICWS, the International Conference of Web Services, San Diego, USA, 2004



I play lots of games but I love soccer and cricket the most. I love nature and enjoy exploring beautiful places.


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