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The Group

I am priviledged to work with:
Our group at the 2010 Holiday Party. Top row (left to right): Recep, Eric, Matei, Mike, Marc, Andrew; Bottow row: Yoni, Yue, Misko, Orion, Joe, Nilgun. Mouse-over for other (honorary) lab members.
Group alumni:
  • Andrew Brook (CS BSc 2011, now in Industry)
  • Elango Cheran (CS MSc 2008, now at Hospital for Sick Children)
  • Yoni Halpern (EngSci Bsc 2011, now PhD student at NYU)
  • Stephen Rumble (CS BSc 2008, now PhD student at Stanford University)
  • Adrian Dalca (CS BSc 2008, MSc 2010, now PhD student at MIT)
  • Paul Medvedev (CS PhD 2010, now Assistant Professor at Penn State)
  • Seunghak Lee (CS MSc 2009, now PhD student at Carnegie Mellon)