Image Links for Assignment 1

Image Library on CDF-PC

The links below are for images that are located on the "G" disk drive at the CDF-PC computer site. The names of the links below are the absolute addresses that you'll need to include in your HTML file for these images. These images can only be accessed from within the CDF-PC computer site.

You may view all CDF-PC images in one big file by following this link.

Other Images Links

Here are some links to directories that contain more image files. Since these images are not on the computer where you are creating your web pages, you'll need to use the full absolute path name to include these images in your HTML pages. Provided in parentheses below is the first part of the URL that you'll need to add in from of the image file name in order to include these images in your HTML pages.

Relative Links

If you have an image file that you bring from home (or copy from another source) and place in your directory, then you can use a relative link (i.e., just the name of the file) to reference this image in your HTML file.

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