Alfredo Gabaldón

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[UofT PhD student of Computer Science at the University of Toronto

I'm a member of the Cognitive Robotics Group. My advisor is Prof. Ray Reiter.

Research Interests

``They, who write a thesis, which is meant to be submitted to the scrutiny of a few professors only, and thus do not fear the most severe and expert critics, are, in my opinion, to be pitied rather than envied, because they punish themselves endlessly. They add, modify, erase, reinstate, change it all around, love to show it to others, keep in for nine years in abeyance and are never satisfied with the results. The reward, which is finally theirs --the individual's praise-- is heavily paid for by all their excessive hard work, sweating and lack of the sweetest of all things: sleep. Add to all this that it comes to the detriment of their health, that they turn moody, ugly, myopic, are reduced to poverty, fall out of everyone's grace, that they have to renounce all pleasures, that they age prematurely, and whatever else.''

Moriae Encomium (The Praise of Folly), Erasmus
Rotterdam, 1515

Contact Info:

Alfredo Gabaldon
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
10 King's College Road
Toronto, Ont. Canada M5S 3G4
email: alfredo @

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