Internet Systems Group Seminar
Spring 2007

Location: BA5256
Thursdays at 3pm

This term's focus: Social Information Systems

Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion!

While in the past browsing the Web meant clicking on hyperlinks, today's Web browsing means joining communities looking for personally relevant content. Many of today's most visited Web sites did not exist two-three years ago: YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, Reddit. Millions of users are flocking to these Web sites searching for the most popular or the most commented content, or for content posted by their friends. These systems are bridging computer networking and people's social environments.

This term, the seminar's goal is focused on asking two questions: (1) what is new about these social information systems, and (2) what are the engineering challenges of building large-scale social information systems? This seminar is organized this term by Nick Koudas and Stefan Saroiu.

List of Papers