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Warning!  These pages are deprecated and are retained for historical purposes only.

More recent information on OpenOME development can be found here:  https://se.cs.toronto.edu/trac/ome/wiki

The latest version of OpenOME (2011) can be downloaded on sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/openome/files/

OpenOME, an open-source requirements engineering tool

The Organization Modelling Environment (OME) is a general, goal-oriented and/or agent-oriented modeling and analysis tool. It provides users with a graphical interface to develop models, and supports access to a powerful knowledge base that allows for sophisticated computer-aided analysis. This tool is intended to provide software developers with a clear link between the requirements, specification and architectural design phases of development. Attention is also being placed on this use of this tool in business process reengineering.

OpenOME integrates an improved version of OME with other tools to support goal-oriented, agent-oriented and aspect-oriented requirements engineering in software development (Eclipse), conceptual modeling (Protégé) and other graph editing (Visio) environments.

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