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CVPR 2003 Workshops

The following workshops will take place in conjunction with CVPR. Web links to these workshops will be updated here as they become available.

The paper submission deadlines listed on this page are tentative and may NOT be completely up to date. For up to date deadline information please consult Kim Boyer's workshops page and the workshops' own web pages. For additional information about a particular workshop or if no workshop link is given, please contact the workshop organizers directly.

CVPR 2003 Workshops Page (maintained by Kim Boyer)

Date(s) Submission deadlines Workshop

June 17 January 31 Event Mining: Detection and Recognition of Events in Video

Contact: I. Haritaoglu and T. Sayeda-Mahmood

June 17 February 28 Computer Vision for the Nano-Scale

Contact: H. Haussecker and G. Sapiro

June 17 January 10 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition for Human Computer Interaction

Contact: A. Martinez and H. Tan

June 17 January 31 Applications of Computer Vision in Archaeology

Contact: B. Kimia, L. Van Gool and D. Cooper

June 21 February 15 Omnidirectional Vision and Camera Networks

Contact: R. Pless, H. Santos-Victor and Y. Yagi

June 21 February 28 Document Image Analysis and Retrieval

Contact: V. Govindaraju and R. Manmatha

June 21 January 17 Multi-Object Tracking

Contact: J. Krumm and D. Beymer

June 21-22 February 17 Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision

Contact: A. Hoogs and G. Medioni

June 22 February 14, 5pm EST Statistical Analysis in Computer Vision

Contact: T. Boult and R. J. Michaels

June 22 February 7 Learning in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Contact: B. Bhanu, B. Draper, and J. Peng

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