It’s time for our annual election!

What is CSGSBS?

CSGSBS is both a social group and a course union for graduate students in the Computer Science department. Our social events include Cookie Break (a weekly informal get-together on Fridays where a volunteer brings cookies or other snacks), board game nights, and end-of-semester pub nights. We also represent the graduate students of the department on committees: we elect representatives to the university-wide Graduate Student Union, to CUPE 3902, and to the DCS Graduate Affairs Committee.

Presiding Officer

The most senior officer not standing for election shall preside over the election. This year, that will be the current President, so questions or concerns should be directed to csgsbs-president@.

Nomination Period (May 10-22)

This is a great way to get involved with the department and support your fellow students. If you’re interested, please review the constitution and note the duties of the following elected positions.

  1. President
  2. Treasurer
  3. Social Coordinators (up to six)
  4. Representative to the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU)
  5. Representative to CUPE 3902
  6. Pop Masters (Bahen or Sandford Fleming) (up to four)
  7. Webmaster (up to two)

Then email csgsbs-president@ by 11:59PM on May 22, 2023. Be sure to indicate your

  • desired position
  • full name
  • degree program (PhD/MSc/MScAC)
  • CS email address (

Non-Voting Positions

The CSGSBS also has the following non-voting positions appointed by the President.

  • Graduate Affairs Committee (GAC)
  • Assistants to Women in Computer Science (DCSwomen)
  • MScAC Liaison

Likewise, email csgsbs-president@, but at any time. After the election, unfilled positions will be filled by the incoming President.


Candidates can campaign in any form during and between the Nomination and Voting periods, barring the following.

  • false statements
  • slander/libel
  • direct exchange of money for votes

Voting Period (May 24-30)

After the candidates have been compiled, voting begins on ADoodle. A unique ballot link will be sent to voters (list of whom will be provided by DCS).

Campaigning in any form can occur/continue.

Results & Transition (May 31st or shortly after)

The transition will begin immediately after the results have been reviewed and announced.