Recent Talks

  1. Algebraic Proof Complexity, Keynote Lecture, ICALP 2021.
  2. Advances and New Directions in Communication Complexity, Invited talk at STOC 2021.
  3. How Hard is it to Refute an Unsatisfiable Formula?, Invited talk at CSR 2021 and Berkeley/Simons Karp Lecture.
  4. Lifting via the Sunflowers, Oxford Theory Seminar and MIT Theory Seminar, 2020-2021.
  5. Hardness Escalation in Communication Complexity and Applications, Plenary talk at ISIT 2018.
  6. The Amazing Power of Composition, Invited Talk at Avi 60th Birthday Workshop, October 2016.
  7. Proof Complexity Tutorial, Invited Tutorial at WACT (Workshop on Algebraic Complexity Theory), 2016.
  8. Tutorial on Fairness, Invited Talk at Workshop on Fairness, STOC 2018.