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I'm looking for HCI internships for Summer, 2023! Please reach out if you're recruiting!

I'm a second-year PhD student in Computer Science, co-supervised by Robert Soden and Steve Easterbrook. My current research focuses on Human-Centered Design and Human Computer Interaction.
Themes associated with my current work are Human Computer Interaction, Information Visualization, Climate Change/Mitigation/Adaptation, Digital Interaction and Natural Language Processing.

Broadly, my research interests lie in mixed-methods Human-Computer Interaction at the intersection of Computer Science and Climate Science and Sustainability. I am interested in designing and building creative tools specifically for underrepresented groups which stems from a deep understanding of design, social and information science.

I'm always looking for more opportunities and contexts to build interactive tools in ill-defined, complex research areas. I'm open to intersectional collaborations, please feel free to reach out if you're interested in talking about research!


Conference and Journal Papers

Enacting Value Tensions in Peer Production Communities - Debates Over Corporate Participation in OpenStreetMap

Aarjav Chauhan, Dipto Sarkar, Taneea S Agrawaal, Robert Soden

ACM CHI ’23 (Under Revision)

Available upon request

Using User Perspectives for Enhancing Digital COVID Vaccine Communication Strategies for Public Health Agencies

Taneea S Agrawaal*, Harsh Kumar*, Koby Choy, Jiakai Shi, Joseph Jay Williams

CHI ’22 Extended Abstracts

Link to full paper

Presentation Link

Analyze, Detect and Remove Gender Stereotyping from Bollywood Movies

Nishtha Madaan, Sameep Mehta, Taneea S Agrawaal, Vrinda Malhotra, Aditi Aggarwal, Yatin Gupta, Mayank Saxena

Proceedings of the 1st Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency, PMLR 81:92-105, 2018.

Link to full paper

Presentation Link


IIIT Delhi Student Achievements (Facebook Post)

We’re delighted to share that one of our students, Taneea S Agrawaal (BTech 2014), recently received the student scholarship to present her paper at Fairness, Accountability and Transparency (FAT* 2018) held at New York University, USA.

Gender Bias in Bollywood (Hindustan Times Article)

A new study of over 4,000 Bollywood films by researchers at IBM Research and two Delhi-based universities reveals just how discriminatory Hindi Cinema has been.

Gender Bias in Bollywood (LinkedIn Post)

Together with my IBM colleague Sameep Mehta and IIIT-Delhi collaborators Taneea Agrawaal, Vrinda Malhotra and Aditi Aggarwal started to build computational tools to study Gender Biases in Bollywood movies.

#ThankfulForRGSoC Story (Facebook Post)

"I would like to thank the RGSoC family for adopting me. They added flight to my wings." What can we say when someone describes RGSoC like this? We have no words Taneea! Thanks for adopting us too!πŸ’š Say hi to Taneea everyone! Today is the day of her #ThankfulForRGSoC story.

Alumni Interview with Taneea Agrawaal

Leading local meetups for women in tech, and as a valued member of the 2020 Orga team, Taneea hopes to touch lives and make a difference to the world through her work and expression.


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