Robert Wu | 吴才牷

I’m an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at the University of Toronto. My areas of interest include machine/deep learning, knowledge representation, and operating systems. In particular, I’m conducting research in neural architecture search and continual learning. Alongside my studies I serve as a teaching assistant in computer science and mathematics. In addition to my extracurricular projects, my previous experience in software engineering includes internships at Hootsuite, Interac, and AWS.

Other stuff: It’s been a while, but I enjoy the wilderness, fishing and roadtrips. My taste in food is quite varied and random, and so my taste in music: favourites include Beethoven, Bach and various Japanese artists.


Curriculum Vitae: [pdf] | [linkedin]

Contact: rupert[at]

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NeuralArTS: Structuring Neural Architecture Search with Type Theory
Robert Wu, Nayan Saxena & Rohan Jain
AAAI 2022 (Student Abstract & Poster Program)
[pre-print] [codebase] [experiments]

Towards One Shot Search Space Poisoning in Neural Architecture Search
Nayan Saxena, Robert Wu & Rohan Jain
AAAI 2022 (Student Abstract & Poster Program)
[pre-print] [codebase] [experiments]

Poisoning the Search Space in Neural Architecture Search
Robert Wu*, Nayan Saxena* & Rohan Jain*
AdvML Workshop @ ICML 2021
[pdf] [pre-print] [poster] [codebase] [experiments]

(* equal contribution)

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(* equal contribution)

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