Robert Wu (吴才牷)

University of Toronto (UofT)
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About Me

I’m an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at the University of Toronto. My areas of interest include deep learning, machine learning theory, discrete mathematics, and operating systems. Lately, I’ve been working in continual learning (CL) and automated machine learning (AutoML). I was previously a software engineer, completing internships at Hootsuite, Interac, and AWS. Sometimes I serve as (and enjoy being) a teaching assistant (TA) in computer science and mathematics. Next year I hope to attend graduate school. Find me on Discord!


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  1. Towards One Shot Search Space Poisoning in Neural Architecture Search
    Nayan Saxena, Robert Wu & Rohan Jain
    AAAI 2022 (Student Abstract & Poster Program)
    [pre-print] [code] [experiments]
  2. NeuralArTS: Structuring Neural Architecture Search with Type Theory
    Robert Wu, Nayan Saxena & Rohan Jain
    AAAI 2022 (Student Abstract & Poster Program) (top 20, oral)
    [pre-print] [code] [experiments]
  3. Poisoning the Search Space in Neural Architecture Search
    Robert Wu*, Nayan Saxena* & Rohan Jain*
    AdvML Workshop @ ICML 2021
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(* equal contribution)

Teaching (TAships @ UofT)