Robert Wu (吴才铨)

University of Toronto (UofT)
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About Me

I’m a junior researcher interested in automated/theoretical machine learning. Toronto has been home my whole life but I’m still exploring its hidden gems. This summer, I’m interning at co:here to build large language models. And then in September 2022, I start my Master of Science (MSc) degree at the University of Toronto with Prof. Vardan Papyan.


Publications | [Other Projects]

  1. Towards One Shot Search Space Poisoning in Neural Architecture Search
    Nayan Saxena, Robert Wu & Rohan Jain
    AAAI 2022 (Student Abstract & Poster Program)
    [pre-print] [poster] [code] [experiments]
  2. NeuralArTS: Structuring Neural Architecture Search with Type Theory
    Robert Wu, Nayan Saxena & Rohan Jain
    AAAI 2022 (Student Abstract & Poster Program) (top 20, oral)
    [pre-print] [poster] [code] [experiments]
  3. Poisoning the Search Space in Neural Architecture Search
    Robert Wu*, Nayan Saxena* & Rohan Jain*
    AdvML Workshop @ ICML 2021
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(* equal contribution)

Teaching (TAships @ UofT)