Spotlight and Poster Session

  • Deep Segmentation Networks, Nicolas Le Roux, John Winn, and Jamie Shotton, Microsoft Research Cambridge.
  • Deep Convolutional Networks for Scene Parsing, David Grangier, Leon Bottou, Ronan Collobert, NEC Labs America
  • Visualizing Higher-Layer Features in a Deep Neural Network, Dumitru Erhan, Aaron Courville, Yoshua Bengio, and Pascal Vincent, University of Montreal
  • Distributions representable by binary restricted Boltzmann machines and deep belief networks, Jason Morton, Stanford University
  • Unsupervised Learning of Generative Factor Graph Hierarchies, Fabien Scalzo
  • Learning Restricted Boltzmann Machines using Power EP, Martin Szummer, Microsoft Research Cambridge
  • Learning Sparse Codes and Sparse Bases Jointly, Bo Chen, Kevin Swersky and Nando de Freitas, University of British Columbia
  • Why and When Sparse Coding Works, Kai Yu, NEC Labs America, and Tong Zhang, Rutgers University