Tutorial and assignment problem sets will be posted below. To ask a question about a tutorial or an assignment, you can use Piazza (do not expect an ultra-quick response!), drop by in the instructor's office hours, or find a time to chat with the instructor otherwise.
Problem Set Due Date & Time / Tutorial Date
Tutorial 1 (Solution) Sep 16
Tutorial 2 (Solution) Sep 23
Tutorial 3 (Solution) Sep 30
Tutorial 4 (Solution) Oct 7
Tutorial 5 (Solution) Nov 11
Tutorial 6 Nov 18
Tutorial 7 = Office Hour (see change of rooms) Dec 2
Assignment 1 (Solution sketch) Oct 14, by 11:59pm
Assignment 2 (Solutions) Nov 1, by 11:59pm
Assignment 3 (Solutions) Nov 17, by 11:59pm
Assignment 4 (Solutions) Dec 1, by 11:59pm
Midterm 1 Solution Sketch N/A
Midterm 2 Solutions N/A
Practice Midterms
Practice for Midterm 1:
Fall'08 T1 (divide-and-conquer + greedy)
Fall'08 T2 (divide-and-conquer + DP, ignore Q3 on flows)