Computer Science Writing

The following is an incomplete list of some writing tips that I find useful for writing about computer science research in English.

First, a bit about my writing style. Strunk and White "The Elements of Style" is a great starting point for CS writers. Yes, it is prescriptive. But you need to know the rules, even the small rules about when to capitalize and where to put commas. When you deviate from the rules, you draw a reader's attention. Be sure this is intentional and that what is receiving the attention is your ideas, not your writing.

This advice is very specific to English CS writing. For a insightful essay on how good writing in English differs from other languages, I recommend Zinnser's essay "Writing English as a Second Language".

Rules of Thumb

Using Citations

Good Mathematical Writing

A thorough resource is the Knuth, Larrabee, and Roberts book on Mathematical Writing. A few brief pointers on common mistakes are given below.

Common Mistakes