Open Data Science

CSC2525H Research Topics in Database Management

Advanced graduate reading course in data management research. This is an advanced graduate seminar. Students should be ready to undertake novel research in data management.

Prerequisite: CSC443 or equivalence and a graduate level data management course.

Fall 2017: CSC2525H: Open Data Science

In this graduate course, we will explore the use of open data in data science. Students will read some of the latest research in data science and each will be given data science project to complete, using open data.

The course will begin Wed September 20th (note: no class Sept 13th) and will be held 3-5pm Weds in BA 2179.

Governments and many important international organizations are leading producers of Open Data – data published in the public domain that is free to use, modify, and redistribute. Proponents of Open Data argue that the availability of data online ensures government and institutional transparency. Criticism against Open Data is often directed at the cost of data publishing and the limited benefit to the general public who lack the technical ability to use the data. The argument is that only a small number of groups are taking advantage of the data and will benefit economically. In this course, we will discuss new results in Open Data search that are aimed at making open data more accessible to a wider audience to help address this concern.
We will explore the state of open source software for helping in Open Data engineering and enabling Open Data science.