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For the time being, this website will be used for CSC418/2504 Tutorial Notes.
My notes are JPG scans. Supplementary files are generally PDFs.

Tutorial 1 - 2D Curves and The Bresenham Line Drawing Algorithm

2D Curves Notes - Page 1
2D Curves Notes - Page 2
Bresenham Line Drawing Notes - Page 1
Bresenham Line Drawing Notes - Page 2

Tutorial 2 - 2D Transformations and OpenGL Programming

Slides on OpenGL from a previous year
Intro to OpenGL and Functions
Intro to C++ and OpenGL
OpenGL examples for A1 Part B
Discussion Board post about above examples

Tutorial 3 - Surfaces of Revolution and Surface Meshes

Revolution Notes - Page 1
Revolution Notes - Page 2
Mesh Notes

Tutorial 4 - Frames of Reference and Projection

Frames of Reference Notes - Page 1
Frames of Reference Notes - Page 2
Projection Notes - Page 1
Projection Notes - Page 2

Tutorial 5 - Canonical View Volume and BSP Trees

Canonical View Volume (pages 2-11)
BSP Tree Full Example - Page 1
BSP Tree Full Example - Page 2

Tutorial 6 - Midterm Review

Sample problems are covered in tutorial.
Answers will not be posted.

Tutorial 7 - OpenGL and A2

Extending OpenGL for A2
2D Texture Mapping in OpenGL (Not part of A2)

Tutorial 8 - Beginning Ray Tracing in A3

Top A3s from previous years
Notes - Page 1
Notes - Page 2
Notes - Page 3

Tutorial 9 - More Ray Tracing in A3

Hints for some advanced ray tracing features
Cube (Environment) Mapping Tutorial

Tutorial 10 - Catmull-Rom and Bezier Splines

Catmull-Rom Splines - Page 1
Catmull-Rom Splines - Page 2
Bezier Splines
Online notes and demos provide great intuition