Julian Brooke

I was a PhD student and postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto (Now at the University of Melbourne).


My first initial followed by my last name at cs dot toronto dot edu


My general area of interest within CS is computational linguistics (CL). The research I do is focused mainly on semantics and style, in particular the stylistic aspects of the lexicon, sentiment analysis, and native language identification. I've also been employed to work on projects in other areas of CL, including syntatic and discourse parsing, word prediction, and entity recognition. In my work I use a fairly wide range of statistical and rule-based approaches to CL problems, but I have a certain preference for "big data" methods, i.e. unsupervised and semi-supervised approaches that leverage large internet corpora. I enjoy cross-disciplinary research in general, including applications in education, linguistics, and analysis of literature.

Outside of school, I like travelling and reading. I've studied various languages, and I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese, thanks to several years living in China and the ongoing patience of my wife.

Papers, posters, and presentations

Most of these papers are already available online, check for instance the University of Toronto CL group publication list or Maite Taboada's publication list. Please contact me if you want something that's not.