TL;DR Generate wacky stuff

Welcome to the RNN demo. Type a string into the text box, and the RNN will generate characters that start with this text. It will be nonsense most of the time, but it will occasionally be amusing and interesting.

The RNN is particularly amusing because it sometimes generates wise-sounding nonsense. For example, try typing "The meaning of life is".

Unfortunately the running the RNN takes a bit of time, so please be patient! It's slow because we need to perform two 1500x1500 matrix-vector products for each generated character. As a result, it generates about 20 characters a second.

Click on a sentence to get started a feel for the RNN
My name is
Today is
My greatest accomplishment is
Matrix l
Quantum ph
The meaning of life is
This is a piece of
Or try typing something creative. Up to you!

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