I am a second year PhD student in computer science at the University of Toronto. My supervisors are Chris Maddison and Nicolas Papernot. My research focuses on learning representations that can reason complex tasks and are trustworthy for humans.


  • Dataset Inference for Self-Supervised Models.
    Adam Dziedzic*, Haonan Duan*, Muhammad Ahmad Kaleem*, Nikita Dhawan, Jonas Guan, Yannis Cattan, Franziska Boenisch, Nicolas Papernot.
    NeurIPS 2022
  • Augment with Care: Contrastive Learning for Combinatorial Problems.
    Haonan Duan*, Pashootan Vaezipoor*, Max B. Paulus, Yangjun Ruan, Chris J. Maddison.
    ICML 2022
  • Distributional Reinforcement Learning with Monotonic Splines.
    Yudong Luo, Guiliang Liu, Haonan Duan, Pascal Poupart and Oliver Schult.
    ICML 2022
  • Multiple Moment Matching Inference: A Flexible Approximate Inference Algorithm.
    Haonan Duan and Pascal Poupart.
    UMD workshop at ICML 2021
  • Online Bayesian Moment Matching based SAT Solver Heuristics.
    Haonan Duan*, Saeed Nejati*, George Trimponias, Pascal Poupart and Vijay Ganesh.
    ICML 2020
  • Discriminative Training of Feed-Forward and Recurrent Sum-Product Networks by Extended Baum-Welch..
    Haonan Duan, Abdullah Rashwan, Pascal Poupart and Zhitang Chen..
Haonan Duan

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