Curriculum Vitae in PDF (may 2019)

2016 Committee
Ph.D. Operations Research · University of California, Berkeley
Ken Goldberg, Alper Atamturk, Pieter Abbeel, Laurent El Ghaoui, Jean Pouliot
Thesis: Optimization and Design for Automation of Brachytherapy Delivery and Learning Robot-Assisted Surgical Subtasks
M.S. Computer Science · University of California, Berkeley
Advisors: Ken Goldberg and Pieter Abbeel
Thesis: Autonomous Palpation for Tumor Localization: Design of a Palpation Probe and Gaussian Process Adaptive Sampling
M.S. Industrial Engineering · Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
Bachelor in Engineering, Manufacturing Processes & Automation
Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, University of Delhi (India)
Advisors: Pradeep Khanna, Sachin Maheshwari and Satish Chand

Honors and Awards
IEEE ICRA 2019 Best Paper Award
IEEE ICRA 2019 Best Paper in Cognitive Robotics Finalist
Hamlyn Surgical Robotics Challenge 2015 Best Video Award
IEEE ICRA Medical Robotics Workshop 2015 Best Poster/Demo Award
IEEE ICRA 2015 Best Medical Robotics Paper Award Finalist
UC Berkeley Ira Abraham Fellowship
UC Regents Fellowship (Summer)
NSF Travel Support for IEEE CASE 2013
S. Tashiera Fellowship, UC Berkeley (Summer)
IEEE CASE 2012 Best Application Paper Award
Berkeley International Office Tuition Award
2012 – 13
Earl C. Anthony Graduate Fellowship, UC Berkeley
Erasmus Mundus Fellowship at TU Munich (full tuition & stipend)
2007 – 10
University of Delhi Academic Merit Scholarship Award (full tuition)
2004 – 10
State Bank of India Meritorious Student Scholarship (stipend)

Invited Talks
Sept-Oct 2016
Closing the Visuo-Motor Loop with Deep Reinforcement Learning
SAIL-Toyota AI Center Annual Review
Stanford CS 331B Representation Learning Guest Lecturer
Mar-Apr 2016
Algorithmic Automation in Medical Robotics
MIT, UC San Diego, Stanford
Uber Marketplace Optimization, Amazon Research, Baidu Research,
Feb 2016
Unsupervised Segmentation of Surgical Subtasks
BEARS Research Symposium, Berkeley, CA
Nov 2015
Unsupervised Task Segmentation For Learning from Demonstrations
Algorithms for HRI Workshop
Nov 2015
Algorithms for 3D Printed Implants for Brachytherapy in Intracavitary Tumors INFORMS 2015
Oct 2015
Transition State Clustering for Unsupervised Task Segmentation
Bay Area Robotics Symposium, Berkeley, CA
Sept 2015
Lecture on Algorithms in Cancer Treatment, Intro to IEOR (IEOR 24)
University of California, Berkeley
Feb 2015
Learning by Observation for Surgical Subtasks
BEARS Research Symposium, Berkeley, CA [Video Talk]
Oct 2014
Custom 3D printed Implants for High Dose Rate Brachytherapy.
Stanford Berkeley Robotics Symposium
Feb 2014
Custom 3D printed Implants for High Dose Rate Brachytherapy.
BEARS Research Symposium, Berkeley, CA [Video Talk] [Slides]
Sept 2011
Lecture on Linear Programming, Introduction to IEOR (IEOR 24)
University of California, Berkeley
Sept 2011
A Robotic System for Needle Steering, IEEE IROS 2011 Demonstrations

CS 332
Advanced Survey of Reinforcement Learning, Co-Instructor (F-17)
with Emma Brunskill, Stanford University
IEOR 131
Discrete Event Simulation, TA (Sp-16)
Lee Schruben, University of California, Berkeley
IEOR 170
Industrial Design & Human Factors, TA (Sp-15)
Ken Goldberg, University of California, Berkeley
IEOR 115
Industrial & Commercial Data Systems, TA (F-11, F-13, F-14, Sp-13)
Ken Goldberg, University of California, Berkeley
IEOR 191
Technology Entrepreneurship, TA (F-12)
Ron Lesniak, University of California, Berkeley
CS 3451
Computer Graphics, Reader (Sp-11)
Greg Turk, Georgia Institute of Technology

2018 – Present
Nvidia Research, Senior Research Scientist Reinforcement Learning for Robot Manipulationw
2016 – Present
Stanford University, Post-doctoral Researcher
Machine Learning Algorithms for Perception and Control in Robotics
2016 – 2017
Osaro Inc., Robotics Consultant
Algorithmic Research for Robot Learning applications
2011 – 2016
UC Berkeley, Graduate Student Researcher
Learning algorithms for greater autonomy in surgical tasks.
Implement autonomy in clinical brachytherapy.
2010 – 11
Georgia Institute of Technology, Graduate Student Researcher
Efficient object segmentation in video using Integer Programming.
Defence Research & Development Org., India, Research Assistant
Design & simulation of a fire-protection system in a vessel emulator.
National Thermal Power Corporation, India, Engineering Intern
Control & Instrumentation in the coal thermal power plant.
JK Tyres India Pvt. Ltd , Engineering Intern
Worked on PLC systems for automatic mixing processes involving composites used alongside rubber in tyre manufacturing.

Student Mentoring
Please see People Page

Workshop Organization
C4 Surgical Robots: Compliant, Continuum, Cognitive, and Collaborative, ICRA
Understanding 3D and Visuo-Motor Learning, International Conference on 3D Vision
Organized Lab Tour for Society of Women Engineers Mini University Event
2013 – 15
Organizer Automation Sciences Lab Annual Open House @ Cal Day
Volunteer for local organization: RSS 2014, INFORMS 2014
2009 – 10
NSIT Alumni Association
Founded an online alumni network and a magazine -Reminisce
2008 – 10
NSIT Placement Team
Assisted in coordinating recruitments for the batch of 2010.

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